Biomass Power Plant Silbitz

The biomass cogeneration plant in Silbitz (Thuringia) had produced electricity for the first time just before Christmas 2003 and fed it into the net. Thus the timing of construction and commissioning of the plant has been strictly adhered to. The power plant is now running in its testing phase. In Silbitz with an investment volume of around EUR 23 million was the first of Plambeck Neue Energien AG in Cuxhaven projected biomass CHP plant. It operates according to the regulations of the Law on Renewable Energy (EEG) on the basis of wood. In normal operation, approximately 7 tons of wood to produce electricity and heat to be burned in the plant per hour. With the produced electricity in the power plant can be continuously around 11.300 average households supplied. The electricity fed into the network of the regional power supply company. Part of the heat generated is supplied to a district heating network. Also, new jobs were created in Silbitz. 15 people will work at the power plant, in 3 shifts around the clock, seven days per week.


Technical data of the power plant Silbitz:
• heat input max. 27.0 MW
• Fuel expenses 55,000 t / a
• electric power 5.6 MW gross
• Annual operating current net 39,660 MWh / a


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